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Founded in 1999, Tim Buxbaum's small office is just outside Woodbridge in the Suffolk countryside.

From there, over the last 20 years (and in the decade or so beforehand) he has worked on conservation and domestic projects all over East Anglia. The conservation projects have included castles, mills, barns, churches, religious houses, small houses, Listed buildings and Scheduled Monuments and his involvement has resulted in a number of buildings being removed from the "At Risk" register.  Many have been supported by input from bodies like Historic England.  Almost all these projects come with a variety of problems over and above those of dealing with practical repairs, and his persistence has meant that several of the results have received awards such as Craftsmanship Awards and Quality of Place Awards.  The domestic projects have ranged from simple small extensions and modest alterations of private houses, and the conversion of other buildings to form houses, up to the design of new one-off houses.

Tim has also contributed to a variety of other projects that have ranged widely in scope. A new folly, new church spire, assistance on arts projects, the production of feasibility studies, research and a number of publications are typical examples.

Tim is a former Scholar of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, and is registered as a Chartered Architect.

He is best contacted at

Tim Buxbaum Architect   01394 461483 / 0771 408 9786

Brook Cottage, The Avenue, Lower Ufford, Suffolk  IP136DT

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