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Mettingham Castle (1)

Mettingham Castle received a "licence to crenelate" in 1342 but the building fell foul of the Peasant's Revolt of 1381. It wasn't until the arrival of the master and priests of Raveningham College in 1383 that the building was fitted out "in complete cathedral style", but after the Dissolution the roof was removed for use elsewhere, and it went downhill. Assistance from Historic England allowed a significant programme of flint repairs to be undertaken, stabilising many of he more vulnerable elements, including the use of cintec anchors and the restoration of wall walks to consolidate the upper levels. An oak cradle was devised to support the remains of an spiral stair which had been concealed within a dense growth of ivy so that it was invisible prior to erection of scaffolding.   The chain on the top photo is an old anchor chain used in a previous round of repairs by an earlier owner.

Mettingham 7.JPG
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