Woodbridge Tide Mill

One of a very small number of tide mills remaining in the UK, Woodbridge Tide Mill had been rescued from the risk of demolition in the 1970s but a variety of problems mean that is was no longer operational, and visitor facilities were in poor condition.  Following a successful application for HLF funding, a programme of significant remedial works was put in hand, including:-

- a new, operational water wheel turning the machinery remaining in the building including millstones and sack hoist

- rebuilding of the wheelhouse to a larger footprint so the wheel could run safely

- new visitor facilities and an exhibition

- construction of a viewing walkway

- general repairs and consolidation

- removal of the ugly 1970s external fire escape and dated "modern" fittings

The outcome was so successful that  the project won a Craftsmanship and Quality of Place Award, and more importantly the mill was able to start milling flour once more, which it continues to do.